Fit And Fine During Pregnancy – Physical Exercises To Engage In

The 9 months of an expectant mother is one of the most treasured period in an individual’s life. Your life after that is going to change greatly and you need to be able to handle the new challenges. As a fact, you need to stay healthy and strong to go through this important milestone in your life. On the other hand, if you are able to be flexible and move around easily during these months, it’s an advantage. There are many benefits of maintaining your health and fitness during pregnancy. Moreover, there are many ways that you could engage in to relax and focus on your health.

You need to be careful about exerting too much of pressure and tiring yourself, which could affect the baby. Furthermore, with time as you put on more weight, these routines needs to be adjusted according the physician, personal trainer, physiotherapist and so on. Here are some exercises that you could try out with the guidance of an instructor or trainer:


This is an activity and exercise that almost everyone recommends an expectant mother to do. Strolling in your spacious lawn or in a less crowded park would be really good for you. Gradually, add this into your daily schedule and adjust the distance and pace during the trimesters.


People might raise their eyebrows, when they hear about swimming and expectant mothers. However, this is a very good exercise for mothers that help them in many ways. For instance this exercise and leisure activity improves the circulation, reduces back pains, etc.


Another useful and significant method of exercising is joining a pregnancy physio program. They offer movements that strengthen the posture, pelvic area, abdomen and other relaxation techniques. You would be advised about standing, sitting, sleeping and information of many other ways of maintaining correct postures. 


Apart from engaging in pregnancy physio lessons, you could visit a Pilate’s studio that utilizes various mat exercises and equipment. There are experienced and trained instructors who would provide you support and guide you through appropriate movements. The focus of the exercises differs through out the trimester.


Yoga has proven to help mothers develop flexibility of muscles and thus, being able to move around comfortably, with continuously gaining weight. The yoga instructor will be able to guide about stretches and breathing techniques that are useful for you during the whole time period.

Are you feeling too heavy to move around with the addition to your weight? Do you want to feel firm and flexible to move around? Call your physician and discuss about the aforementioned routines that you could try out, under supervision. Stay healthy, fit, flexible and firm with exercises during your pregnancy.