Choosing The Right Plastic Surgeon For You

Plastic surgery is one of the medical fields where many technological innovations are being occurred, which make easier for people to achieve the look they always wanted. But, a cosmetic surgery could go wrong in the hands of inexperienced and illegitimate surgeons.  You will lose your money and undergo a painful and fruitless procedure. Choosing the right and suitable cosmetic surgeon is not a difficult task if you check out the below steps.

Board Certification
The most important step that patients should cover includes checking the board certification of the proposed plastic surgeon. Board certification indicates that the doctor is certified by a licensed and legitimate board of plastic surgery, such as American Board of Thailand Plastic Surgery holiday packages, know more about it at For certification, a person need to complete 4 years of pre-medical education, MD or DO degree course at any qualified medical school and 3-4 years of full-time experience in a licensed residency training program. In addition to this, the person also needs to pass a written and oral exam organized and administered by the Board. These are only the beginning. To stay certified, the doctor needs to be up-to-date on all the latest technologies in his/her specialty, utilize best practices for patient safety, interaction and ethics. The doctor is not assured to have up-to-date technical knowledge and skills without board certification, to safely carry out medical procedures, which could end up the patient suffering from pain or ugly scarring.

Read the patient reviews
Though Board Certification is essential, it is just a minimum criterion for choosing a cosmetic surgeon. A patient will want to ensure that the doctor is capable to develop beautiful, natural results. There are a lot of websites featuring authentic patient reviews about doctors, including closer looks at some significant elements, such as price, personal care and the results of procedures. Some review sources also cover other necessary elements to consider by patients, such as resume of the doctor, their articles on cosmetic surgery and before-and-after images of their patients.

Visit the doctor’s website
Once you have found a doctor that is board certified and highly regarded by patients, you have to visit his/her website to gather some useful resources like;
•    Doctor’s resume,
•    before-and-after images of some of his patients
•    articles they have written
•    surgery record, etc

Images are the best resources you can verify to determine whether or not the doctor is skilled. If you are not satisfied with the images, then there will not be an aesthetic connection between you and the doctor. Consequently, you will not be happy with what the doctor suggest or perform, as you may be having different concepts of beauty. To conclude, if you successfully complete these initial steps, you can go for a consultation with the doctor you choose. Some doctors charge a fee for the consultation while many others don’t.  Price is not the important factor when choosing a cosmetic surgeon and keep in mind that there is no ‘discount shopping’ for cosmetic surgery available. A cosmetic surgery is not a casual process even if the procedure is chosen on your desire. You need to take up many steps if you want to achieve desired results.