Vitamin Deficiencies And Their Effects

Vitamins are essential supplements that can play very important role in the growth of the body and also can help in preventing various types of diseases. Minerals and vitamins together are called as the micronutrients that are generated in the body. In order to add them to the body, one should have proper and balanced diet with all kinds of nutrients included in the diet. The body has to absorb the necessary nutrients from the diet taken by the person and in case if the body could not be able to absorb the required minerals and nutrients, then there are many chances of occurring deficiencies in the body because of which people can suffer from various diseases.

Because of the deficiencies occurred in the body people have to suffer with various diseases like:

• Digestion problems and those who cannot be able to absorb the required vitamins and minerals cannot be able to have any kind of food. They have to take care of their food habits and should have easily digestible light foods.

• Skin issues and this can occur because of deficiency of vitamins like D and E most probably. It has been suggested since early days that people can get sufficient D vitamin from the early rays of the sun which can be good for the skin and it can help in restricting various kinds of skin diseases.

• Bone problems such as: not having proper growth in bones due to lack of calcium and other required minerals. Calcium is the key element that can help in making the bones and the body strong enough.

• Visual problems due to lack of vitamin A and insufficient absorption of required nutrients from the regular diet. An optometrist can explain the people about the vision issues raised in the people due to lack of necessary vitamins and minerals in the body.

It can also depend on the people and their lifestyle as it can be the important factor with which they can get affected. Today, there is one common issue that most of the people in this world have been suffering and that is because of the deficiency of iron in the body. It is one of the widely spread deficiency issues that has been observed all over the world that can cause the disease like anemia. It can weaken the body of the person and can make anyone fatigue.

Mother’s milk is the best source of food for the newly born babies as it consists of all necessary supplements that can protect the baby from diseases. Especially the vitamin A present in the mother’s milk can protect their children from blindness. An optometrist in Parramatta can help the people by suggesting the necessary diet that can help in reducing various kinds of vision problems at the early age.