Growing Old – The Part And Process


Old age is a recurring and an inevitable force of nature that gradually ages with time; some may call it becoming independent and some others would be disagree about it and call it maturity – however; there is one major underlying factor which seems to be thematic in any individual’s life and that is –mortality. What is mortality? It is a common factor that many of us understand yet fail to fully understand the entire meaning of it. Hence, mortality is something to say that our lives are not forever which is unfortunately not the case, with the opposite. We are humans of whom are perceiving and awaiting death to appear to us – that is an underestimation yet, true.

The mid-life crises

The majority of companies employ youngsters of whom are qualified and over qualified for the job. What happens here is the understanding that we as individuals survive and sustain ourselves by providing and feeding for ourselves – hence, the job description and title lasts for a maximum number of 25 years, period. Once students graduate and go to universities the prospect of entering college is far more competitive, yet they accomplish themselves with an internship – therefore, giving them means of enjoying themselves. Except the fact, when one or, maybe a few have grandparents whom live in retirement villages NZ; they tend to occupy and help substantial living and pensions to grant them financial stability right throughout their lives.

Retirement villages are the places that initiate for seniors to leave the overcrowded city and find chance, with what they want in their future.

The ability to undertake several concepts of this blissful and relaxing neighborhood is to feel at home. Have you ever visited your grandparent’s homes, recently? Have they messy lives or are they at a standstill in their lives and at rest, they are not hurried or haste. They feel their own natural sway and rhythm; that is the way their lives have become accustomed too and so will ours.

Living examples of grandparents and their love

The blessings of having grandparents mean, that you are loved regardless of anyone’s favorite. The old generation have a fonder memories and moment with the younger. Setting both in place, you will see – that there is not a difference; the younger and older are in the same category of feebleness and care-free attitudes and perspectives. Therefore having older parents in our homes; shows us that love is not only shown through the physical and evidential proof; it is a fuller understanding that they are the people who have minutes and hours to look and reflect upon themselves and guides easily without a concern.