Choose Your Career

The nature of choices

The choices we make impact our lives various ways for both the good and the bad. We choose what to wear on the first day of school and thereby make an impression as a ‘cool’ kid or suffer the consequences of being branded as the ‘dork.’ The food we chose to eat can determine if we maintain our cholesterol and diabetes levels in check or whether we daily battle with maintaining a clean bill of health. The people we chose to let into our lives and associate with on a daily basis will decide whether we experience heaven on earth or whether life becomes a living nightmare. Thus, our choices are what we are stuck with and hence it is of immense importance that we strive to make the right choices. One major choice we all make is regarding our career. Our career would take up a large portion of our day to day lives, and it is of paramount importance that we opt for something that we are passionate about; something that would make us wake up each morning eager to get started on work and not something that involves dragging ourselves out of bed wishing the day would be over soon. Visit this link for further information regarding lumbar spine reconstruction.

Who are you?

If you are interested in writing and reporting; if you love meeting new people and inquiring into what affects your society on a daily basis, you might find journalism an alluring and exciting career option. Further, if you are in your element when you are performing on stage, entertaining adoring fans as you let your musical voice wash over them and keep their attention fixed on you as you mesmerize them with your thespian skills, you might consider a career in drama and theatre. Or you might feel that helping the sick, easing pain and finding cures is what makes your adrenaline rush and fills you with a sense of purpose. If so, you could opt for a career as a medical doctor. Further, if you specially enjoy tending to children, you can specialize in pediatrics. If you like fixing broken bones and helping people put their limbs to good use, you might aspire to be an orthopedic surgeon in Gold Coast.

Further, you might be someone who is interested in debating, finding solutions and standing up for what is right. This might be the sign that you should start thinking about a career founded on law. If investigations and crime cracking allures you, you might opt to be a criminal lawyer. If you prefer ensuring justice to the vulnerable groups such as those affected by war or refugees fleeing persecution, you might pursue humanitarian law or refugee law. If you cannot decide whether you are called to be an orthopedic surgeon, a human rights lawyer or a teacher, it might help to talk to those working in these fields and gain an idea of the level of work and commitment involved.

Think smart; act smart

Therefore, in making choices, it is important that you take time to stop and think about what you are entering into, in order to avoid a waste of time and resources as well as discontentment. It is very important that we launch into the right career path so that we may be happy and productive individuals, serving society as well as enjoying job satisfaction.